How to Become an Investor

MHCLF seeks and accepts both investments of loan fund capital and contributions that support growth, innovation and operations of the organization. We can tailor and direct investments and contributions to meet investors’ and donors’ goals. The most popular types of support and investments include:

Grants: Loan fund capital grants provide a strong permanent capital base that MHCLF leverages with other investment sources, including the CDFI Fund, and helps keep cost of funds at manageable levels. Operating grants support outreach, training, technology investments and innovation in the organization’s general operations.

Equity Equivalent (EQ2) Investments: The EQ2 investment is a long-term deeply subordinated loan with features that make it function much like equity. The rolling term of the investment strengthens the capital structure of the organization.

Debt Capital Investments: Term investments and lines of credit that pay interest to investors, generally at a fixed rate, and have a specific maturity date.

Program Related Investments (PRIs): Investments made by foundations that further the organization’s charitable mission and are generally structured as a long-term, low-interest loan. As an alternative to traditional grants, PRIs allow foundations to recycle capital, extend the impact of their funds and support innovation in community development financing.

ColoradoGives: A user friendly way for individuals to make tax-deductible contributions to MHCLF that fill the gap between the earned income of the organization and total operating expenses. Visit to make a donation today.