Aeris™ Rated

Since 2007, MHCLF has been rated by the CDFI industry’s independent Aeris (formerly known as CARS) organization.  In September 2014, MHCLF was issued a rating of “AA2.”  The “AA” is the Impact Performance rating and the “2” is the Impact Financial Strength and Performance rating.  Visit for complete description of ratings

MHCLF is one of approximately 100 CDFIs nationwide that has routinely participated in this rigorous, third party analysis.  MHCLF has chosen to participate to demonstrate our transparency and accountability to investors and other stakeholders, as well as part of our continuous effort to strengthen operations and planning processes.

Aeris seeks to guide capital to good.  Aeris is an information service for community investors who champion economic justice in under-served markets.  The Aeris ratings methodology is designed for CDFI loan funds that have a majority of their assets invested in loans (as opposed to real estate, equity or equity-like investments) and have at least five years financing history.

Aeris provides ratings, data, analysis, and advisory services that support investment in CDFIs.  Aeris ratings help investors evaluate opportunities that meet their impact goals and risk parameters.  Aeris subscribers use Aeris products to augment their due diligence and monitor their investments.