At the close of 2015 Mile High Community Loan Fund (MHCLF) had approved 155 loans totaling more than $59 million. Currently, MHCLF has a portfolio of 25 loans.

MHCLF measures its outcomes by the impact it has in the community. Funds from Mile High Community Loan Fund have helped finance:

More than 6,700 units of affordable housing (at or below 80% AMI);
87.4% of those units were for very-low income families (< 60% AMI);
More than 385,000 square feet of nonprofit facilities space.

MHCLF also measure the outcomes in the deployment of the funds (target rate of 80%) and by how much funds are leveraged in the projects it finances ($517 million):

  • From 2001-2005, 12 loans closed for $16.5 millions;
  • From 2006-2010, 40 loans closed for $16.7 millions;
  • From 2011-2015, 61 loans closed for $26.4 millions.

Over the course of its history, MHCLF has experienced a less than 2% cumulative loss rate.