Social Impact Overview

As a community development financing intermediary, MHCLF provides capital to organizations/entities for real estate projects that directly impact the economic opportunities of low-income and low-wealth individuals, households and communities.

Our loans are often the first funding in for predevelopment expenses or filling financing gaps behind senior lenders. Our loans fill credit gaps that few other lenders can or will make and often make the critical difference on whether a project moves forward.

Affordable rental and for sale housing provides benefits to both the low-income households and the communities where they are developed and occupied. Safe, decent and affordable housing allows children to have continuity in schools, allows adults to maintain steady employment and allows families to become financially stable and begin to build wealth.

MHCLF measures its impact by affordable housing units developed and the level of affordability of those units. That is only part of the story—the impact of affordable housing development spreads throughout the community and generates economic activity.

Community facilities development, rehabilitation and expansion including charter schools, early childhood education facilities, non-profit program space, create jobs, improve the quality of services and expand the capacity of non-profits serving a neighborhood or community.

MHCLF tracks and validates the impact of its loans through a variety of industry outcome measures. Statistics are an important but limited measure of MHCLF’s social impact. Success stories provide a more in depth illustration of the impact.


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