Neighborhood Revitalization

MHCLF provides investment capital and financial solutions for commercial real estate projects that spur and support economic growth and prosperity in targeted neighborhood revitalization areas.

Our deep understanding of neighborhood and community development and our experience working with community partners and municipalities provides us the confidence to go beyond the limitations of conventional financial institutions. With prudent lending policies, substantial flexibility on lending terms and a commitment to invest in a capital where it can transform and rebuild neighborhoods, MHCLF can play a unique financing role.

Eligible economic development and neighborhood revitalization projects are real estate projects with outcomes that:

  • Improve low-income and distressed communities for the benefit of low-income residents
  • Support and enhance other affordable housing, community facilities and revitalization projects in the same neighborhood
  • Contribute to or support transit-oriented development projects benefitting low-income residents and communities
  • Provide a catalyst for the elimination of slum and blight and neighborhood revitalization
  • Provide quality of life improvements to low-income residents through improved access to healthy foods, healthcare, education and other essential services