Creative District Community Loan Fund (CDCLF)

The Creative District Community Loan Fund was established by the State Legislature in 2014.  The loan fund capital was appropriated by the Legislature and leveraged with additional loan fund capital committed from the Mile High Community Loan Fund (MHCLF).

The Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) Division has entered into an agreement with MHCLF to administer the CDCLF and work with CCI to attract additional loan fund capital for the program.

The purpose of the CDCLF is to provide specialized financing resources for both non-profit and for profit borrowers developing, constructing and/or redeveloping commercial real estate projects in state certified or candidate Colorado Creative Districts.  With limited resources available, priority will be given to projects contributing to and compatible with the respective district’s strategic plan.

Predevelopment, acquisition, construction, bridge and mini-perm loans are offered within the Colorado Creative Districts Community Loan Fund.

The loans may be made to persons developing, constructing or redeveloping commercial real estate, mixed-use projects, community facilities or certain infrastructure and signage projects in state certified or candidate creative districts.

Terms vary based on size, structure, length and risk profile of the requested financing.  Loans are generally secured by real estate, however, alternate collateral structures are considered.  See term sheet attachment below for details.

Potential borrowers are urged to contact Jeff Seifried, Executive Director, MHCLF prior to submitting a loan application to discuss the proposed project.  Technical assistance is available to help insure that potential borrowers are familiar with the resources available and the requirements for a complete application package.

Basic Eligibility

Eligible Borrowers:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Private for profit entities
  • Quasi-governmental organizations such as urban renewal authorities, business improvement districts, downtown development authorities

Use of Funds:

  • Predevelopment expenses
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Construction (including rehabilitation and energy efficiency improvements)
  • Bridge financing
  • Mini-perm financing

Rates and Terms:

  • Interest rate varies with loan-to-value, term and risk profile of project
  • Origination fee of 1% (up to 1% additional fee if loan enrolled in Colorado Credit Reserve program)
  • Interest only loans up to 36 months; mini-perms up to seven years


  • Real estate collateral generally required with exceptions for certain predevelopment and bridge loans.


Download CDCLF Summary of Loan Types and Terms

Download MHCLF Loan Application

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