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MHCLF is a $14 million mission driven loan fund providing financing and technical assistance to developers of affordable housing, non-profit organizations developing community facilities and developers of commercial real estate projects in targeted neighborhood revitalization areas.

MHCLF prides itself in its ability to finance organizations and projects that help low-income and underserved individuals, households and communities advance their economic opportunities. We understand the limitations of conventional lenders, the challenges of securing early stage, gap and subordinate financing and the importance of flexibility on loan terms.

MHCLF has the capacity and commitment to provide innovative financing solutions tailored to the borrower and project needs. We strive to offer products and terms that support our borrowers’ needs and maximize the impact and benefits of their community development projects.


Loan Purposes

  • Affordable Multi-Family Rental Housing: Primarily LIHTC projects and other restricted affordable projects for households at or below 60% AMI
  • Affordable For-Sale Housing: Attached and detached single-family housing and multi-family housing targeted to households at or below 80% AMI or at affordable level defined by local government jurisdiction
  • Non-Profit Community Facilities: Development, acquisition, renovation or expansion of real property for program or administration space, early childhood education/daycare, medical clinic, shelter, mental health services, education or other services targeted to low-income and/or special needs households and communities
  • Neighborhood Revitalization/Economic Development Projects: Commercial real estate development projects that support and/or benefit targeted neighborhood revitalization efforts of a local government entity
  • Healthy Foods Access: Commercial real estate projects that increase access to healthy foods for low-income populations or low-income communities
  • Energy Efficiency: Loans for energy improvements that reduce energy usage and associated costs and/or reduce fossil fuels emissions in affordable housing, community facilities and neighborhood revitalization real estate projects/properties


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