Mile High Community Loan Fund (MHCLF) is a short-term lender, often taking the middle risk position between bank financing and public subsidies. The majority of our loans are typically early stage with more challenging risk profiles.

MHCLF provides loans to non-profit and for-profit organizations for:

1) Development or preservation of affordable housing

2) Development, redevelopment or renovation of commercial real estate in targeted neighborhood revitalization areas

3) Non-profit organizations that serve low-income populations for the purchase, rehabilitation and/or construction of  facility space

MHCLF lends on real estate based projects to developers of affordable housing, nonprofit facilities, economic development and other community projects. MHCLF lends on a full spectrum of affordable housing projects – including but not limited to, emergency shelters, transitional housing, rental and for-sale housing projects. Nonprofit facility and economic development projects must serve low-income communities and/or individuals. Other requirements may apply.

Please see the Borrowers section for more details and terms.